Storm Lake Phone Scam

Storm Lake Phone Scam


Storm Lake, IA (KICD) — Storm Lake Police issues a warning to citizens in regards to a phone scam saturating the area.

Police have learned that citizens in and around Storm Lake are receiving automated text messages from The message informs the recipient that their ATM check card has been blocked and asks the recipient to click on a link to reactivate the card. In most instances these links search  for personal identification and financial information from the recipients to use in a fraudulent manner.

Storm Lake Police have determined that these messages are a scam and are not being conducted by any financial institution.

The Storm Lake Police Department warns citizens and businesses to be vigilant for these messages and to not provide any personal or financial information to the senders.

Citizens and business owners are asked to notify local law enforcement in the Event they receive one of these fraudulent text messages or related phone calls.

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