Sexual Conduct Arrest

Sexual Conduct Arrest

Worthington, MN (KICD) — A Worthington man faces multiple charges in a domestic assault incident.

Shortly before 3-am Sunday, Worthington Police responded to a call for a possible domestic assault in progress. Upon arrival, the victim met police at the door, and led them to the basement, where the victim’s boyfriend was sitting on top of Jose Bonilla. As officers helped Bonilla to his feet, it was noticed his pants were unzipped and a strong smell of alcohol was present.

The victim said she was sleeping downstairs, and was awakened after physical contact was made with her, which she thought was her boyfriend but turned out to be Bonilla. Her boyfriend then ran downstairs and found Bonilla hiding in the boiler room where he was pinned down until officers arrived.

Bonilla was transported to Prairie Justice Center, where he waived his rights and stated that he didn’t know what happened that night, and additionally said he had been at the house fixing a door and furnace when the victim’s boyfriend attacked him.

Jose Bonilla was arrested and charged with 3rd and 4th degree criminal sexual conduct charges, and was booked into Nobles County Jail. A court date is pending.

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