Pocahontas Jurisdiction Issue


Fonda, IA (KICD)–A dispute that has been brewing for years in Pocahontas County is coming to a head.
Sheriff Bob Lampe tells KICD News that Fonda Police Chief Alex Leu isn’t following protocol and is leaving his jurisdiction .

Leu, who is a certified EMT, says he has saved a number of lives by responding to emergency calls.

Lampe says if they need Leu, or others on scene, they call for mutual aid.

Lampe has sent 4 letters to Leu calling on him to stop responding to call out of his jurisdiction .

Lampe recited a letter he sent to Leu this past September.

Lampe, Leu, Fonda’s Mayor, city councilmembers and others on the Fonda Police force will meet this evening to try and come up with a solution to this issue.

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