Hartley Council Upholds Younie’s Firing

Hartley Council Upholds Younie’s Firing

Hartley, IA (KICD)–Much to the chagrin of the over 100 in attendance the Hartley City Council voted unanimously this evening to uphold the firing of former Police Chief Mark Younie.
Mayor Clayton Pyle opened the public hearing by stating his reasoning for firing Younie a couple of weeks ago.

Younie had a chance to present his case to be rehired as Police Chief, a job he held for the past two years, noting his involvement in the community.  In September Younie filed a pair of grievances and was told at an October 8th meeting that his job was safe.  He was surprised to learn of his firing less than two months later.

Several citizens spoke in favor of Younie including Gina Rifter.

Younie’s lawyer, Abby Stensland, specializes in cases of this sort and has known Younie going back to his days in Mount Vernon.

Stensland says Younie’s personnel file was lacking and did not show just cause for termination.

The council had little to say other than that Younie never made an attempt to contact them in regards to his firing before they all voted to uphold his termination.  Mayor Pyle refused to comment after the meeting.  Younie felt that the council had made up its mind before the meeting took place.

Younie’s lawyer tells KICD News that there is legal action that can be taken, but that is a decision that Younie and his family will have to make.

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