Estherville Car Chase Arrest

Estherville Car Chase Arrest


Estherville, IA (KICD) — An Armstrong man is arrested after leading officers on a high speed chase.

Early Sunday morning, Estherville Police stopped a vehicle for suspicion of OWI South of the intersection of Iowa Highway 9 and Emmet County Road N32. The driver of the vehicle stopped, and was questioned by officers. The officers returned to the patrol vehicle to check the suspects driver license and conduct a warrant check on him. While doing so, the suspect, 39-year old Michael Daniels sped away in his vehicle.

Daniels went South on N32, then went east on 180th Street. he then went to 430th Avenue, and headed back North back to Highway 9 then headed east. Officers said Daniels drove at speeds in excess of 100 Miles per Hour and violated several other traffic laws during the chase.
Daniels then turned north onto 500th Avenue where he rammed a police vehicle and was then forced into the ditch. Daniels was apprehended without further incident. There were no injuries reported in the incident.

As a result, Daniels was charged with Operating While Intoxicated 3rd Offense, Eluding a Law Enforcement Officer while in Violation of O.W.I., and Assault on a Police Officer, all class D Felonies; along with Reckless Driving, Excessive Speed, Driving on Wrong Side of a Two-Way Highway, Stop Sign, and Driving While License Suspended.

Daniels was transported to the Emmet County Jail on the charges and released later that morning by a magistrate on $5,000 Unsecured Bond.

The Estherville Police Department was assisted by the Emmet County Sheriff’s Department and Armstrong Police Department.

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