Compliance Check Charges

Compliance Check Charges


  Storm Lake, IA (KICD) — Two women are charged as a result of a Storm Lake compliance check.
  On Friday evening, Storm Lake Police the department conducted a series of compliance checks in the community to ascertain if appropriate measures were being taken in connection with the sale of alcohol.

Police checked eighteen establishments licensed to sell alcohol in Storm Lake by sending an underage patron into the business in an attempt to purchase alcohol.  Police report that sixteen of the licensed liquor establishments took the appropriate steps to insure the sale of alcohol to a minor did not occur.

  Two stores allegedly did sell alcohol to a person under the age of 21 years. On Friday night police charged 19-year old Kathryn Lovell of Vinton, and 40-year old Marylou Gracia with Providing Alcohol to a Minor.  Lovell made the sale at the One Stop Shop, while Gracia made her sale at the Storm Lake Wal-Mart.
  Both women were cited and released pending a court date.  Additional checks are anticipated.  A report will be forwarded to the Iowa Alcohol Beverage Control Division.

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