Child Abduction Attempt Misinterpreted


Storm Lake, IA (KICD)–A report of a child abduction attempt on Friday in Storm Lake seems to have been a case of misinterpretation by a young girl.
After making contact with the alleged suspect Police determined that the man was at the location where the 7-year-old girl was walking.  The man did gesture towards the girl, as he was holding onto a large dog that can be aggressive.  He was delivering the dog to a residence near the reported incident location.   The man explained he did not want the girl to be alarmed and believes she misinterpreted his actions.Police conducted several additional interviews and re-interviewed the young girl. Following the investigation police could find no wrong doing on the part of the adult male and believe his actions were misinterpreted by the girl.

Police did reinforce to the girl and her family that reporting such actions and observations is important and that nothing was done wrong on the part of the child in this matter.
The investigation has been closed.

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