Photo: KICD AM

Worthington Gun Thieves

Worthington, MN (KICD) — Three are charged and arrested in a gun theft incident from a sporting goods store.

The Worthington Police made a traffic stop of a vehicle, driven by 38-year old Michele Lopez, and upon approaching the vehicle noticed all the occupants seemed nervous.  After speaking with the vehicle occupants, the officer decided to do a pat down, because of inconsistent statements and their general demeanor.

19-year old Julio Hernandez allegedly had possession of a Taurus PT-809 handgun. The vehicle was then searched, and officers found two more handguns and multiple car stereos. The serial numbers on the guns matched those stolen from Borch’s Sporting Goods in Marshall last week.

A search of Lopez’s house turned up some of the contents that had been located in a car stolen from Worthington and used to drive through the Borch’s store. Also found was another gun and some flashlights stolen from the sporting goods store.
As a result, charges have been filed against Lopez and Hernandez, including,possessing a pistol after a felony conviction, possession of stolen property and possessing a pistol without a permit. A 17-year-old juvenile from Estherville was also arrested and charged.