Tree Trimmer Close Call

Photo: KICD AM

Tree Trimmer Close Call

Round Lake, MN (KICD) — A tree trimmer has a close call with a power line,

Last Wednesday afternoon, Round Lake firefighters and paramedics were called to a location where the victim hit a power line near Round Lake. The report stated there was a man with electrical burns.  It was later determined,the victim, who’s name wsn’t released had jumped from the boom truck when things started getting hot.

When the firefighters arrived on scene, the truck was on fire, but the firecrew was able to extinguish the flames before a nearby house got involved. The power line had burned in half and fell to the ground.

Firefighters did get the boom truck moved, so the   electric company could repair the wire and restore power.  Assisting at the scene was Lake Park Fire and Federated Rural Electric.