Photo: KICD AM

Start-Up Spencer Weekend

Spencer, IA (KICD)–Three business plans highlighted the first ever Start-Up Spencer event last weekend.

Start-up Spencer invited anyone with a high tech idea to present their business plan to the group at the event. Leann Jacobsen tells KICD that they had about 21 registrations coming from places such as California and Minneapolis.

Jacobsen says 15 ideas were pitched, and three of these ideas proceeded through the weekend. Jacobsen talks about one of the ideas called Snap Punch.

Another idea Jacobsen talks about is the Queen of Pies, which is a business that sells locally famous pies and are made by a person in Spirit Lake. Jacobsen says the business starts small by selling the pies locally to gather a following and then will go online to sell pies worldwide.

Ultimately, the winning business plan was Push Loyalty.

Start-Up Spencer will be having another event like this in January.