Photo: KICD AM

Spencer Named 1st Iowa Blue Zones Community

Spencer, IA (KICD)–That was Wellmark Vice President of Sales Scott Froyen sharing the news that Spencer has been striving for for 18 months.

A couple of hundred people gathered at Bogenrief Studios for the huge announcement including Healthways Iowa Blue Zones Project Director Mary Lawyer, who also happens to be a native of Webb.

Mayor Reynold Peterson also shared his appreciation of how the community has embraced the Blue Zones effort.

Some examples of Spencer’s great efforts include a more than 20 percent decrease in city workers’ healthcare claims with nearly half of city employees eliminating at least one high risk factor for cardiovascular disease and diabetes; the appropriation of $200,000 for new sided construction; a 10 percent increase in the number of students walking or biking to school; and having half of the town’s top 20 worksites and 25 percent of the city’s restaurants deemed Blue Zones certified.