Sioux Central K-2 IPADs

Sioux Rapids, IA (KICD)–All K-2nd graders in the Sioux Central School District are equipped with¬† IPADs this year.

Superintendent Scott Williamson tells KICD News that a partnership between the district and M&C Anderson Pullets though their Education Enrichment Fund made the purchase possible.

The Education Enrichment Fund donated $12,500 to the purchase of 75 IPADs, applications, and equipment which accounted for roughly half of the cost.  WIlliamson says several years ago the district put computers in the hands of all 3rd-12th graders.

Multiple applications for the IPAD focus on improving literacy and math skills. Staff members began integrating the IPAD into classroom instruction 2 years ago with IPADs shared between classrooms. The staff has reached a point with their knowledge to integrate the IPAD beyond the ability when shared between classrooms.

The Education Enrichment Fund has collaborated with Sioux Central since 2011 assisting with multiple purchases. The fund has purchased learning rugs, ELL computers and programs, Vernier LabQuest equipment, industrial equipment, and resources for teacher education.