Shine Expansion Proposal Approved

Photo: KICD AM

Shine Expansion Proposal Approved

Spencer, IA (KICD)–The Spencer City Council unanimously approved a proposed amendment and extension for their landfill agreement with Shine Brothers on Monday.

The city originally had looked to visit this matter sometime in 2014 when their agreements were set to expire. However, Shine Brothers has recently extended the City the opportunity to submit a proposal to compete for an expansion to their existing business. The expansion would call for an approximate 50,000 square foot building to be constructed; which in turn could add 10 additional jobs. City Manager Bob Fagen says if they decide to expand in Spencer the effective rate for tonnage received by the landfill would start at 14.50 and would increase 3 percent annually for 10 years.

The proposed agreement also would cap the amount of material the city would receive from Shine Brothers at 50,000 tons. Councilmember Ron Hanson would like to see more jobs.

Councilmember Steve Bomgaars says he is not a fan of how TIF incentives are utilized, but also realizes “it’s about the only tool we have in the toolbox for economic development.”

Councilmember George Kruger says he has received a number of comments about making concessions.

Spencer is competing with communities in South Dakota and Nebraska, where Shine Brothers also has operations, for this expansion.