Sheriff Urges Viligance

Sheriff Urges Viligance

Spencer, IA: The recent theft of two thousand bushels of corn from a grain bin site in southern Pocahontas County has prompted Sheriff Bob Lampe to remind farmers to be extra vigilant with the security of their stored grain.

Lampe says, with high prices for corn and soybeans, grain thefts are on the rise across the Midwest.

The Pocahontas County Sheriff says farmers can help discourage the theft of stored grain by providing adequate lighting at bin sites or by disabling grain unloading systems. He says you can lock grain bins, use anti-theft confetti, add camera security systems, or simply park large machinery in a way to block the unloading area.

Sheriff Lampe also encourages local cooperatives to be alert for suspicious or unusual grain sales – especially when a non- traditional seller wants to be paid immediately.