Friday Night Storms (UPDATE)

Friday Night Storms (UPDATE)


Northwest Iowa, (KICD) – A large line of severe thunderstorms and tornados rocked through northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota Friday night.

The Iowa Department of Homeland Security did confirm a tornado touched down about a mile south of Cherokee.  It was about a mile wide…and traveled about two to three miles through farmland…but did not hit any population areas.

About 2,700 homes and businesses in the Sioux City area were without power Friday night.

Trees and power lines were reported down in Sioux Rapids and Alta.  There was some street flooding in parts of Spencer.  In the Johnson School neighborhood, 2 1/2 inches of rain was reported in 45 minutes time.  The power was reported out in Dickens shortly after 9pm.  Highway 71 south of Spencer was impassable from debris for period of time.

KICD received a number of reports from travelers on roads who were forced to pull over due to heavy rains and hail.  Hail reports varied from pea to quarter size.  Some areas reported wind gusts of 50 to 60 miles per hour.