Save the Goat House

Photo: KICD AM

Save the Goat House

Greenville, IA (KICD)–Clay County is in danger of losing one of it’s landmarks.

Everett Amis tells KICD News that the home located at Goat Hill on Highway 71 between Spencer and Sioux Rapids is in danger of being torn down after the property was purchased last Fall. The new owner is worried about liability issues.

Amis says if they can raise the funds to pay for insurance on the building, the home can be preserved.

Amis says there was some recent work done at the home and some issues that still need to be taken care of.

Anyone interested in helping can attend a “Save the Goat House” meeting being held at 7:00 p.m., August 1st at the Greenville Community Center. Everett Amis will also take calls at his home and can be found in the phonebook,