Photo: KICD AM

Remsen-Union Audit

Remsen, IA (KICD) — An organization in a northwest Iowa School District has questions to answer after a state audit.

Those questions come after a special investigation by the state auditor’s office highlights more than 12-thousand dollars worth of transactions in the parent/teacher organization in the Remsen-Union School District.

That audit was done on the “Family Connections” parent/teacher organization, and identified over $9000 worth of undeposited collections, plus almost $2900 worth of unpaid bills to local vendors. Amber Flynn was the group’s treasurer for almost a year before she was replaced in mid-August of 2012 amid concerns about the group’s accounts.

In October 2012, Flynn signed a statement saying she would pay back up to $5200 by December 31st, 2012. Flynn repaid $4400, plus turned $275 worth of gift cards over to the group. The tally for those transactions is $7800 under what was identified in the audit as missing money or unpaid bills.

The audit has been forwarded to state and local law enforcement agencies.