Photo: KICD AM

Potential Senate Candidate Stops in Spencer

Spencer, IA (KICD)–Potential United States Senate Candidate Mark Jacobs made a Wednesday evening stop at the Spencer Pizza Ranch.

Jacobs, who joined Reliant Energy as CFO in 2002 when it was near bankruptcy and under state and federal investigations was part of a team that managed a turnaround that saved the company. ┬áHe tells KICD News that he believes in listening to those on the “front line.”

Jacobs would go on to be named Reliant Energy CEO at the age of 45. He says that the traditional thinking amongst fellow Republicans is to cut spending to deal with a growing budget deficit and the growing national debt. Jacobs believes that we need to dig deep into the issue.

Jacobs has four keys to figuring out the budget deficit.

Jacobs is currently in the exploratory phase as he ponders a U.S. Senate run and expects to make a decision in the coming months.