Orange City Child Abuse

Photo: KICD AM

Orange City Child Abuse

Orange City, IA (KICD) — An Orange City woman is arrested after a three year old is is brought to a hospital with massive injuries.

On Tuesday, Sioux Falls Police, along with Orange City Police and the Minnehaha County Sheriffs Office responded to Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls, to investigate the report of a possible child abuse. Upon arrival at the hospital, officers found the three year old girl from Orange City with serious head injuries, including a fractured skull and brain trauma.

Orange City Police then asked the Iowa DCI to assist in the investigation of child abuse. The childs mother told authorities the child received the injuries while in the care of her daycare provider, 33-year old Rochelle Sapp. Further investigation, found Sapp initially saying the child fell down some stairs, but it was determined the injuries weren’t consistent with that.

Upon further questioning, Sapp admitted the child was injured after she threw the child to the floor. The child remains in critical condition with life threatening injuries. After a warrant was obtained, Sapp was arrested (this)Thursday morning, and was taken to the Sioux County Jail.

She was charged with Willful Injury, a class C felony, and Child Endangerment Resulting in Serious Injury, a class C felony. Sapp was jailed and has since been released after postingf bond.