Oil Industry Launches Attack On Renewable Fuels Standard

Spencer, IA: The American Petroleum Institute (API) is ratcheting up pressure on federal officials to repeal the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS).

An API official told reporters during a conference call Monday that oil industry officials are pressing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to scale back the RFS to under 10% to “soften the blend wall” for 2013.

API is also asking EPA to waive the cellulosic ethanol mandate for 2013 because of a lack of available fuel stocks to meet RFS requirements for blending.
API also announced a national advertising campaign showing a mechanic lying under a vehicle talking about the need to repeal the RFS.

Bob Dinneen, with the Renewable Fuels Association, says the ad campaign is “nothing more than an oil slick of misleading scare tactics.”

Repealing the RFS would end what has been a successful economic development tool for rural America that has led to higher prices for corn and higher farm incomes.