O’Brien County Scams

Photo: KICD AM

O’Brien County Scams

Primghar, IA (KICD) — A pair of recent phone scams have been reported to the O’Brien County Sheriffs Office.

In the first attempted scam, the victim told authorities they had purchased a computer on September 12th, and then received a call today (Friday) from a company identifying themselves as Microsoft Support.  The caller advised the victim that they knew of the purchase, and knew all the victim’s information.

The caller then told the victim they had a fast growing virus, and needed to push a button on the bottom right of the computer.  After doing so, the scammer said for a $20 charge they could add support to take care of the virus, then kept asking for a credit card number.   The victim asked for a callback number and was given 1-315-215-1156.  When the victim called back, a male answered as Microsoft Support.  When victim refused to give credit card number, scammer threatened to shut the computer down if he didn’t give it out.  Since then victim took the computer to the store of purchase to see if it can be fixed.

In the second incident, a victim received a call from a person supposedly with the Social Security Department, and stated the victim would be getting a new Social Security card.  The scammer asked which bank the victim was with, but no information was given.  The caller ID showed “Voice Net” and the number was 1-248-742-3843

The victim called their bank and shared the incident with them, then attempted to call back the number, which produced a voice recording saying the phone number was not in service.

Anyone that receives either of these types of calls is asked to contact their local law enforcement office.