O’Brien County Mental Health Funds Lacking

Primghar, IA (KICD-AP)–O’Brien County says it has run out of money to help scores of residents with their psychiatric medication and counseling.

County Board of Supervisors Chairman Thomas Farnsworth tells KICD News that they recently cut work activities with Village Northwest Unlimited and cut out the Season Center for Mental Health on a temporary basis in an effort to simply get by.


Farnsworth says if they would have kept things running in place as before they would run out of money in December.

Iowa is currently shifting towards a new mental health system. Under the old state system, counties financed much of the care for their residents, even if those people moved to other counties. That arrangement ended July 1st, and counties now are responsible for the costs for everyone living within their borders. Farnsworth says they will have a better handle on this situation in a couple of months.