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LRH & Avera Affiliation

Spirit Lake, IA (KICD)–Lakes Regional Healthcare’s affiliation with Avera Health was recently made official

Lakes Regional Healthcare President and CEO Jason Harrington tells KICD News that a major factor for the Board of Trustees in choosing Avera as a partner was keeping local control.

Harrington says they receive a cost savings due to Avera’s bulk purchasing ability. This isn’t the first time they have worked together.

The cost to combine with Avera’s electronic health records system for Lakes Regional is cut in half to $2 million with the affiliation. Harrington sees some difficulties in the future for rural healthcare providers who do not have some sort of an affiliation agreement in place,

Lakes Regional Healthcare will not be changing their name, but talks have been in the works for years on updating their logo.

Lakes Regional Healthcare’s affiliation with Avera Health was officially adopted in early October and is for a four year term with a 90-day opt out clause.