Law Enforcement Reports

Photo: KICD AM

Law Enforcement Reports

Storm Lake, IA (KICD)–A Storm Lake teen was arrested Wednesday for for texting a former significant other threatening to kill a third party by stabbing them.

16-year-old Yulissa Maldonado was arrested by Storm Lake Police on a charge of 1st degree harassment. She was processed and released to a parent pending a court date.

The case has been forwarded to the Juvenile Court Authority.

Lake Park, IA (KICD)–A Lake Park man was arrested Wednesday after he was caught with stolen property.

In late July Clay County Deputies responded to a report of a stolen chainsaw in Fostoria. On Wednesday 49-year-old Kirk Kane was found to knowingly be in possession of the stolen equipment.

Kane was booked into Clay County jail on a charge of possession of stolen property in the 3rd degree. He was released after posting bond.

Orange City, IA (KICD)–An Orange City man got a bit unruly after being picked up by authorities early Wednesday morning.
At 3:30 a.m. the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office investigated reports of a suspicious person walking on Highway 10, three miles west of Orange City. 21-year-old Derrick Brian was suspected to be under the influence of alcohol and was arrested for public intoxication.While the arrest was taking place, Brian struck one of the windows with the patrol car’s seatbelt, causingdamage to it. Brian was then charged with criminal mischief for damaging the window glass.