Lakeside Domestic

Photo: KICD AM

Lakeside Domestic

Lakeside, IA (KICD) — A Lakeside man is arrested after a domestic incident.

The Buena Vista County Sheriffs Office said early Sunday morning, they received a report of a female that had been assaulted.  The suspect had assaulted the victim while in and out of her vehicle, then he crashed his vehicle into hers.  There was a small child in her vehicle at the time of the assault, and when he drove his vehicle into hers.  She received minor injuries in the assault.

On Sunday afternoon, the suspect, 21-year old Joe Gomez turned himself in, and was booked into the Buena Vista County Jail oncharges of 2nd Degree Burglary, a class C felony, Child Endangerment, and Domestic Abuse.

Gomez was held without bond.  The Sheriffs Office contacted the DHS about the incident.