King Expects Farm Bill To Be Extended

King Expects Farm Bill To Be Extended

Spencer, IA: Iowa 4th District Congressman Steve King says the odds now favor a one or two month extension of the farm bill. King says there are only nine working days for the House ahead of the September 30th expiration of the current extended farm bill.

The sticking point is nutrition program spending. The Senate bill cuts $4 billion; the House wants to cut $40 billion. King says it will be tough to get enough votes to pass the nutrition bill in the House with the huge cuts. House leaders last month split nutrition from the rest of the farm bill, saying they want a vote on nutrition spending before going to conference with the Senate.

King said he supports cutting $40 billion from nutrition spending and will vote for it when it comes up for a vote in the House. King told KICD he believes House Ag Committee Chair Frank Lucas will lobby to have him included as a House conferee on the farm bill.

King made his comments in an interview on Monday.