ILCC Trustees Meet

ILCC Trustees Meet

Algona, IA (KICD)–The Iowa Lakes Community College Board of Trustees met on Tuesday in Algona.

Employee salaries for the 2014 fiscal year along with the master contract of the Iowa Lakes Education Association were approved. The proposal includes a salary increase of 1.33 percent. When insurance benefits are included, the total package comes to 4.1 percent.

Executive Director of Business and Community Relations Jolene Rogers brought forth a revised 260E New Jobs Training Agreement for Simonsen Iron Works of Spencer, which is now owned by Thurston Manufacturing. The Trustees approved the agreement.

Executive Director of Facilities Management Delaine Hiney noted that construction on the swine facility is moving forward and will likely begin next Monday: labs on the Emmetsburg campus – Auto Tech, Farm Equipment and Welding classroom – are being upgraded this summer; and 30 geothermal wells have been installed for the Sustainable Energy Resource Technology (SERT) building on the Estherville campus.

The next meeting of the Iowa Lakes Board of Trustees will be August 20th in Estherville.