Hospital Trustees Recap

Photo: KICD AM

Hospital Trustees Recap

Spencer, IA (KICD)–The Spencer Hospital Board approved a $400,000 purchase on Thursday to acquire a new surgical large power system from Stryker Instruments.

The surgical power system includes a number of surgical tools used in many orthopedic procedures, including all joint replacement surgeries. The previous surgical power system was purchased in 2006. The new system cam in $60,000 under the estimated cost through a group purchasing initiative. the used set will be refurbished by Stryker and then donated for medical missions in Haiti.

In other business, the Trustees approved a resolution which creates advisory positions to the board. As a municipal hospital, the current five board members serve four-year terms, elected during staggered city elections.  Two advisory members will be added to the board’s finance committee and two other advisory members will be appointed to serve on the quality committee. Advisory members will participate in the monthly and any special board of trustees’ meetings; however, will not have voting privileges. Board chairman John Rahn appointed Steve Lensing and Charley Whittenburg to serve as advisory members to the finance committee based on the recommendation of committee members. Two members will be appointed to quality committee by Rahn at a later date.