Hensall Zoning Concerns

Photo: KICD AM

Hensall Zoning Concerns

Spencer, IA (KICD)–A pair of Spencer City Councilmembers shared that they have some reservations and concerns about a new business that’s looking to come to town.

Steve Bomgaars says he isn’t concerned about that the food processing plant coming to town as much as he is the location.

George Kruger would like to hear from Ward 1 residents and was concerned that rezoning the property may open things up for all kinds of food processing. City Attorney Don Hemphill says that is not the case.

Hensall Condiments is looking to build a 150,000 square foot building on a 40 acre site in the Green Industrial Center. An estimated 100 jobs would come with the business in year one and it is estimated by year three of operation that Iowah Chicken Boullion would be responsible for just over 433 jobs in the area.

A public hearing on the proposed rezoning will be held at the start of the August 19th Spencer City Council session at 6:30.