Photo: KICD AM

Governor Speeding

Iowa City, IA (AP) — A decision is made to keep information about certain police checks secret.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety has decided it will keep secret information about police checks on Gov. Terry Branstad’s license plate.
The department said last month it would search for and release information showing how many times the plate was run through police databases, when and by which agencies. But the department said Friday it was mistaken, and the data must be kept confidential.
A former investigator alleges the governor’s vehicle routinely speeds.
The data would indicate whether Branstad’s state-assigned vehicle faced other stops or pursuits beyond the April 26 incident in which the trooper driving Branstad was clocked at 84 mph. It would also show whether the vehicle was caught speeding or running red lights by traffic cameras but avoided citations because of its undercover designation.