Goats Grazing at Silver Lake

Lake Park, IA (KICD)–A couple dozen goats are being brought to Lake Park this weekend.

Silver Lake Watershed Coordinator Catherine Sereg tells KICD News they are partnering with Goats on the Go from Ames to help restore a native prairie along Silver Lake.

Sereg says the goats are a much better way to clear out the existing vegetation than mowers and heavy machinery.

The beginning of November will bring on the next stage of this project, the seeding of the native prairie shoreline. After the shoreline has been cleared, sunlight will have the ability to reach the surface of the shoreline and allow the native plant seeds to germinate.

During the first full year of the shoreline restoration project, plants will begin to grow strong roots into the soil, protecting the banks from rain, wind, and wave action. After the first year plants will really start to take off and blossom in the spring.

Goats on the Go will be releasing the goats from Thursday-Sunday on the lakeshore bank of City Park on the East side of Silver Lake.