Photo: KICD AM

Fired Investigator Press Conference

Des Moines, IA (AP) — A former DCI agent that was fired holds a press conference.

At the news conference in Des Moines (today) Thursday, A fired investigator says the goal of his lawsuit against Iowa Department of Public Safety leaders is to restore his reputation and credibility.
Former Division of Criminal Investigation special agent Larry Hedlund said that he wasn’t sure whether the lawsuit would allow him to return to the state job he held for 25 years.
He says the lawsuit also doesn’t aim to get his superiors fired, but rather to allow employees to report wrongdoing without retaliation.
The lawsuit alleges that Hedlund was fired in violation of Iowa law and policy for complaining about Gov. Terry Branstad’s speeding SUV, and a wide range of other departmental misconduct.
State officials have denied retaliation and claimed Hedlund was fired for insubordination and unprofessional conduct.