Farm Rescue Helps Two Area Farmers

Spencer, IA: Oct. 11, 2013 A group that helps farm families in need with harvest has been working in Clay County this week.

North Dakota-based Farm Rescue is a non-profit group that comes to the aid of farm families suffering from illness or injury. Farm Rescue volunteers harvested 280 acres of soybeans for Chad Sorenson of Dickens. Sorenson was badly injured in a farm accident in August and is unable to harvest his crops.

John Robertson of Farmington, Iowa is a retired truck driver who assisted with the Sorenson harvest. It was his first venture with Farm Rescue, but it won’t be his last. He said helping others in need felt good.

With the soybean harvest at the Sorenson farm complete, Farm Rescue remained in the area to help harvest corn for Daniel Full of Royal, who had heart surgery last summer.IMG_3724