Farm Rescue Harvests Soybeans For Dickens Farmer

Spencer, IA: Oct. 08, 2013 – The non-profit group, Farm Rescue, will be in the area this week to help harvest soybeans for a farmer in need. Farm Rescue is the North Dakota-based organization that will plant or harvest crops free of charge for family farmers who have suffered a major injury, illness or natural disaster.

Chad Sorenson of Dickens was badly injured in a farm accident in late August and is unable to harvest his crops. His cousin, Emily Sorenson, had heard about Farm Rescue and called. The group’s president and founder, Bill Gross, took the call and quickly said Farm Rescue would be happy to help.

Emily Sorenson says volunteers and equipment arrived Tuesday and came from all over. Sorenson says Cooperative Energy Company will help by providing fuel for the equipment.

Nearly three hundred acres of soybeans will be harvested this week at no cost to Chad Sorenson. His cousin Emily is impressed with Farm Rescue and is glad she and her husband asked for their help.

Danielle Abbas is Marketing Communications Coordinator for Farm Rescue. She says the non-profit has helped more than 235 families in the last seven years. Abbas says the group is expanding into new areas because there is a need for their services.