Electrical Drop Ordinance Scrapped

Photo: KICD AM

Electrical Drop Ordinance Scrapped

Spencer, IA (KICD)–The Spencer City Council voted Monday to not adopt the final filing of an ordinance concerning electrical circuit branch requirements.

The first version that passed through two filings allowed for up to a 10% (residential) or 7.5% (commercial) voltage drop provided that a reasonable and practical effort and components were been used to minimize the voltage drop. The other version of the ordinance was similar in language except the language was removed that made reference to reasonable and practical efforts and components being needed. The council had been split on this item as a 3rd reading was tabled following a 3-3 split vote at the previous council meeting.

When the ordinance was brought up for a final filing there was a motion to not adopt. Councilmember Steve Bomgaars noted his belief that an ordinance was not needed.

Councilmember Ron Hanson was the lone nay vote on the issue.