Crop Development Lags; Dry Weather Concerns Traders

Crop Development Lags; Dry Weather Concerns Traders

Spencer, IA: The weekly Iowa Crops & Weather report says crops remain behind the five-year average, but some of the state’s corn is starting to tassel and a few soybeans are starting to bloom.

Five percent of the state’s corn has tasseled, well behind last year’s 83% and the 5-year average of 42%. Thirteen percent of the corn is rated either poor or very poor. Fifty-seven percent is rated good/excellent.

Thirteen percent of the soybean crop is in bloom, about two weeks behind normal.

The warm, dry weather last week allowed 6.5 days suitable for fieldwork, but it also led to a decline in soil moisture levels. Statewide, 65% of the topsoil is in the adequate or surplus categories, down 23 points from last week.

Temperatures for the week as a whole varied statewide. Here in the northwest we were two to four degrees above normal.