Climatologist Compares 2013 to Another Difficult Crop Year

Spencer, IA: (May 08, 2013) – Monday’s Planting Progress report showed just 8 percent of Iowa corn planted, as of last Sunday, well behind the average of 56 percent.

But Iowa State University Extension Climatologist Elwynn Taylor says he thinks the corn will be planted soon enough to still achieve maximum yields.

Still, Dr. Taylor says that he expects the temperatures to remain cooler than normal for the rest of May which may slow early corn growth.

As for the summer months, Taylor says he just doesn’t know yet. Without a dominant El Nino or La Nina, he says, it is tough to predict. But, so far, this year is a lot like one more than six decades ago that he says we don’t want to repeat.

Dr. Taylor he expects national corn yields this year to be below the trendline of 160 bpa.