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Thursday, December 5th Announcements

Cancellations and Postponements for Thursday, December 5th


Spencer Retail Intiative Reports

23 students from Iowa State University presented their recommendations to four Spencer businesses…


Seasons Center Children’s Center Fundraising Campaign

The renovation of the building is expected to begin mid-2014, with the facility opening in 2015…

Vehicle Emergency Kits Recommended

Having some kind of a high visibility flag will help you be spotted in case you become stranded…

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Wednesday, December 4th Announcements

Weather Announcements…

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Attempted Teen Sex Abuse

A Laurens man is accused of attempting to sexually abuse a teenage girl…


Estherville Fire Kept in Check

A fire at Valley Contracting in Estherville was tamed…

Courtroom News

34-year-old Joseph Kosiba is charged with two counts of attempted murder…

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Spencer Council Recap

A public hearing and adoption of an amendment to the city’s Residential Urban Revitalization Plan was held…


Cody Millard Sentenced

22-year-old Cody Millard received a total of 7 years in prison…