Photo: KICD AM

Castillo-Alvarez Conviction Affirmed

Minneapolis, MN (KICD)–The Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled against an appeal by Juan Humberto Castillo-Alvarez.

Online court records show the court ruled against Castillo-Alvarez’s contention that he was unlawfully prosecuted for the same crime twice and that the district court erred in admitting evidence of his unrecorded statement to law enforcement.

Castillo-Alvarez was originally convicted in Clay County District Court in connection to ordering the kidnapping and murder of 15-year-old Gregory Erickson of Estherville in 1997 over a drug debt. Erickson was shot and killed in a Jackson County farmhouse by two others who later attempted to burn down the home. That conviction was reversed because he did not get a speedy trial. Castillo-Alvarez was later prosecuted in Minnesota, where he was convicted and got 44 years in prison.