Cargill Responds To Transparency Concerns

Spencer, IA: Nov. 07, 2013 – Cargill says it will begin labeling ground beef that contains finely textured beef. The company said the move is in response to public demand for transparency in the wake of last year’s uproar over a product called “pink slime” by critics.

Lean, finely textured beef is industry jargon for filler made of scraps left over when steaks and roasts are cut. Processors remove the fat from trimmings and in some cases treat the meat for bacteria with ammonium hydroxide and then mix it with ground beef.

Cargill Beef President John Keating says their research shows that consumers believe ground beef products containing finely textured beef should be clearly labeled. Keating says, however, that the research also shows that, once consumers learn that finely textured beef is 100 percent pure beef and 95 percent lean, they respond positively to its benefits.