Photo: KICD AM

WB-M on Mallard Building

West Bend, IA (KICD) — A tough decision is going to be made for an area school district. At this week’s meeting, the West Bend-Mallard school board looked into the possibility of closing the Mallard building within the next two years.  Superintendent Amanda Schmidt and the board looked at how closing the building and moving all the students and staff to the West Bend building and shares the reasonings to the discussions… https://soundcloud.com/kicdradio/schmidt-1 Currently, the Mallard building houses 110 kids and if it closed, Schmidt says the district would have to figure out how to fit those kids into the West Bend facility with the 240 students that already attend school there… https://soundcloud.com/kicdradio/schmidt-2 In addition, Schmidt says they need to come up with the best solution after determining all the factors… https://soundcloud.com/kicdradio/schmidt-3 Schmidt and the school board will present the information to the teachers and support staff in November.  Anyone with questions or concerns are asked to contact Schmidt or any of the school board members.