Superior 71 Drive In Facing Challenge

Superior 71 Drive In Facing Challenge

Spirit Lake, IA (KICD)–The Superior 71 Drive In movie theater is facing an uphill battle to stay up to date with new technology.

Owner Gaylord Kemp tells KICD News that after this season the entire movie industry will be going digital, making all of the 35 millimeter equipment obselete.

Kemp says the new digital projectors start at $80,000 and once you add up all of the other neccessary item for the switch he is looking at an over $130,000 investment. During their peak, drive-in theatres numbered almost 5000 in the United States. That figure has dwindled below 400 with just 4 in Iowa.

Honda Motors has one day left in their Project Drive In online contest where they will pay for a new digital projector for nine theaters across the country.with voting at www.projectdrivein.com

Donations can be sent to the Superior 71 Drive In at PO Box 53 in Alpha, Minnesota.