Northern Crops Lagging In Maturity: Tour

Spencer, IA: Pro Farmer on Friday estimated corn and soybean crops are likely to be smaller than the most-recent USDA estimates.

Pro Farmer projected a U.S. corn crop of 13.46 bbu and a soybean crop of 3.16 bbu, both smaller than USDA projected in early August.

Cedar Falls-based Pro Farmer says corn yields will average 154.1 bushel per acre (bpa), down from USDA’s estimate of 154.4 bpa. Soybeans are expected to average 41.8 bpa, down from USDA’s estimate of 42.6 bpa.

The projections assume “normal” weather through the end of September.

Pro Farmer’s lower crop estimates are due in part to what it sees as lower-than-expected harvested acreage, due to fields that didn’t get planted this spring in Iowa, Minnesota and North Dakota this spring due to a chronically-wet spring.